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Hidataics is a network and communication service provider. Hidataics offers 100% fully Managed Secure Area (MSA) supporting government services operating in the cloud or contract workloads within their contract areas. Cloud and workload operations can operate at collateral levels (or higher) as specified by Contract Level including the full range of approved data classification levels. Hidataics is designed to support “mission stakeholders” in a commercial location achieving their needs and requirements without having to compromise security or operations. Hidataics has the ability to connect and interconnect together supporting services such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), High Capacity Computing and Processing and Commercial Cloud Environments.

The Hidataics team works to provide a commercial global network architecture that is “private” and controlled between all global locations. Network connectivity is available in most locations. Hidataics offers a “One Stop” solution in provisioning services. Some of the services Hidataics offers are: 

Commercial Collocation Site Selection and Facilitation Services
Cloud Services
Flexible Network Services
Commercial Circuit Provisioning and Allocation Services

Hidataics supports these services with agility and flexibility by offering an OPEX service. This OPEX service is offered to their customers so that they can “tailor” which services they require when they are needed. This permits their customer flexibility to meet their mission “fluid requirements” with the appropriate services. In addition to the OPEX service that Hidataics offers, customers are able to be billed a single monthly flat rate for the “tailored” solution required. This offers the customer the ability to budget and plan mission operational expense before the OPEX service is delivered. Customers are able to view from the User Interface (UI) dashboard the consumption of services at any time they desire for real-time data analysis. They can also add/change/delete their services as the mission requirements dictate. Hidataics NOC is able to interface to their customers in real-time through the UI dashboard.

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Address: 300 W. Glenoaks Blvd. Suite 106

Glendale, California 91202

Phone: 800.253.6121